Simplify Your Billing with Our LHDN Compliant E-INVOICE Solution

Digitalise your invoicing per LHDN's latest requirements with our compliant e-invoicing software. We'll help your business seamlessly transition into digitalised e-invoicing easy, simple & at an affordable rate.







Why Choose EIV?

Simple, Easy & Affordable

LHDN Compliant

EIV prioritises compliance with LHDN's regulatory standards and adheres to local tax regulations ensuring legal compliance and data security.

Integration Capabilities

Integrate EIV with your existing website or platform for a seamless experience to minimise errors while improving efficiency.

Intuitive Interface

Enjoy user-friendly interface that simplifies the invoicing process for easier navigation, making it easy to generate, send and track invoices without extensive training.

E-Invoicing Made Easy


Dedicated Account Manager

Get personalized assistance for your business needs and immediate support.

Easy Payment Method

Integrate secure payment gateways for swift transactions and easy payments.

Real-time Updates Available

Get real-time updates & notifications for seamless management.

Customisable Invoice

Personalize every detail of your unique e-invoice for your company.

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20 March 2024

E-Invoicing: A Must-Have Tool or Just Another Business Trend?

Is e-invoicing a critical tool for modern businesses, or just another passing trend? As we delve into the implications and benefits, this article explores whether electronic invoicing is truly essential for staying competitive in today's market.

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13 March 2024

Navigating the Transition from Traditional Invoicing to E-Invoicing

Transitioning from traditional to e-invoicing can seem daunting, but with the right approach, it can be smooth and beneficial. This shift not only enhances efficiency and accuracy but also positions businesses for better scalability and compliance.

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